Hat Business

Welcoming Remarks by Chairman

Young An Hat is the company specialized in hats.

Since starting the business in Cheonggyecheon, Seoul in 1959, Young An Hat has been growing as the world's best hat company selling more than 100 million hats yearly in the world.

Young An Hat has extended the sphere of business to North America and Europe, since starting the export to Japan in 1966. And as a result, it is currently operating 16 corporations and 10 overseas manufacturing factories in 9 countries.

Young An has diversified its business since 1995 to enhance the driving force for a new business such as forklift and commercial vehicles, but is still keeping hat business as the main business, and in continuing to have pride as the world's best hat company.

We have been humbly supplying even one of hats as a noble product and will keep the spirit of service for customers consistently. I would like to extend our special thanks to all the people at home and abroad who has been being with Young An up to this day and I hope you to be with us now and forever.

Chairman Baik Sunghak