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Introduction of OBS, OBSW



Company Name OBS Gyeongin TV Co., Ltd
Established Date August 30, 2006(opened on December 28, 2007)
CEO Yoon Jeongsik
Location 233 Ojeong-ro Ojeong-gu Bucheon City, Gyeonggido

Service Area

OBS is the terrestrial private broadcaster based on the region of Incheon Metropolitan City and Gyeonggido. Viewers in Seoul can watch OBS through Cable, IPTV, Skylife(satellite) Broadcating.

People in service area
26 million(Gyeonggi 12 million, Incheon 3 million, Seoul 11 million)
Household in service are
13 million household

Nationwide Transmission of Platform in Korea

Nationwide Transmission of Platform in Korea
Terrestrial wave 8-1
Cable Channel 2, Channel 13
IPTV SKB Channel 20, KT Channel 26, LGU+ Channel 26
Skylife(Satellite) Channel 31
  • Download from OBS App Google&Apple Store
  • Nationwide transmission through OBS-W(subsidiary PP)

Major Program

Major Program
Report OBS News M Gyeonggi-Incheon, OBS Newsline Incheon-Gyeonggi, OBS News&Issue, Today's World News, OBS Invitation, OBS Gyeongin Focus
Cultural Program Reputation, Gyeonggi Millenium Travel<Ariari>, TV Forum<Gyeongin's Morning>
Entertainment Jeong Kihyeon's Cinemusic, OBS Enternews
Documentary Roaddocu<Meeting>, Melodocu<Family>