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Introduction of Soongeui Institute

Soongeui Institute was established by Reverend Samuel Austin Moffet, a missionary in Pyeongyang in 1903. It took a lead in independence of Korea and resisted the forced shrine worship of Japanese colonial rule. As a result, it experienced the voluntarily closed-down of the Soongeui Women's School in 1938.

After the liberation of Korea, many alumni of Soongeui School had to move to the South, launching the Soongeui School Re-construction Committee. Then in 1954 Teacher Park Hyunsuk led the effort to reconstruct and succeeded in re-building Soongeui Institute on the site after destroying Gyeongsung Shrine in Mt. Nam, Seoul.

Middle and high school were built in a new building in Daeband-dong, Dongjakgu, Seoul in 2003 and the institute bought the land of existing diplomatic club in 1999 to build an annex of Soongeui Women's University with 2 stories below and 5 above the ground in 2012.

Celebrating 110th anniversary of Soongeui Institute in 2013, the Institute installed 'Soongeui Institute 110th Anniversary History Memorial' in the site of Gyeongsung Shrine in Soongeui Women's University to be utilized as the site to learn our history by opening the site for history of anti-Japanese activities to the public and enhancing patriotism and pride in our nation.

  • View of Soongeui Women's School located in Pyeongyang
  • View of Soongeui Women's University located in Mt. Nam currently